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If you’ve been searching "credit repair near me" for help in correcting, fixing, rebuilding, or improving your credit score, you've landed at the right place.

We’re the Awesome Life Group. We’ve helped conscientious, well-intended people get out from under the burden of bad credit records for years. We aim to be a resource for information and strategies that help our clients to rebuild their financial lives and restore their hopes for the future.

So many parts of your daily life revolve around credit. Everything from buying a house or a car to getting job opportunities is tied to that three-digit number on a credit report.

That number is affected by many forces, many of which are out of your control. Life changes, medical emergencies, and other unforeseeable expenses can drive your credit score downward when you can’t meet payments.

Even small, unknown issues can have an effect on your credit score. Outdated information and repaid debts that haven’t been updated are common items on negative reports.

The Awesome Life Group knows how much of your financial profile — even your personal identity — is wrapped up in that number. And we help you regain control over it.

Our credit repair management services have helped honest people get back on the road to financial stability and embrace the opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams. Not bad for a simple search for “credit repair near me!”


Every American adult who’s ever had credit cards, student loans, mortgages, car payments, or other debts has a credit report from multiple agencies. Their history is analyzed and calculated to a single three-digit score that summarizes their risk as a potential credit customer.

Negative items on those reports directly affect that credit score — even if they’re inaccurate or completely wrong. But the path to correcting these reports isn’t always clear and reporting agencies won’t tell you how to find it.

That's where credit repair companies like The Awesome Life Group come in. We understand credit reporting inside and out. We know every step and secret on how to fix a bad credit score legally and honestly.

The Awesome Life Group can lead you through the complex procedures of fixing credit problems, updating incorrect information, and reaching settlements on old debts. We’ll help you restore your good name to credit agencies.

More than that, the Awesome Life Group helps you to master your own credit management. We give you the skills and education you need to retain good credit, balance your budget, and build the financial future you’ve always deserved.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives Americans the right to have an authentic and correct credit report. But it doesn’t make it simple to get one.

Credit reporting agencies aren’t always forthcoming about how to view the information they have on you. Accessing this information is often a matter of navigating complicated online processes.

And that’s all before you try to amend your credit report, a step that just might bury you under a mountain of paperwork. Every item that needs to be repaired will require copies of correspondence. And again, it’s hard to get instruction from these agencies about everything that you need to do.

This is why professional credit repair services exist and why The Awesome Life Group works hard for every client we have.

We know which items on your credit report are most likely to be inaccurate or out of date. That’s what we look for when we see yours. We comb over all of the specifics and find the items to dispute, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

The Awesome Life Group settles every account and corrects every detail that affects your credit score, putting you back on the road to financial prosperity.


Most adults have tried to get something that requires a credit check — an apartment lease, a new car, a home mortgage, a business loan, or even a new job. A low credit score can torpedo that plan before the process even starts.

How does a negative credit score happen? Many times, it’s because someone misses a few payments on an outstanding debt. That’s their responsibility, but not necessarily their fault.

But sometimes, it’s neither. A low score can happen because of misinformation on the credit report, like items that should have been updated but weren’t. Repeated inquiries about your credit from sellers, lenders, and employers also impact your credit report — even a good inquiry.

Restoring your credit score is what The Awesome Life Group is all about. Our professionals find every source of bad or outdated information that’s on your report. We resolve all past due items that are still open and negotiate to clear up disputes. We do it without shortcuts or quick fixes — it’s legal, legitimate, sweeping credit repair.

The Awesome Life Group doesn’t stop once we’ve improved your credit score. We’re dedicated to making sure you have the tools to build a promising financial future. We help our clients learn how to maintain good credit management. Since every one of our clients is different, we take a direct and unique approach to each one.

We have a special focus on clients who are looking to start their own businesses. With the Awesome Life Group's credit repair service and expert consultation, our clients can open new channels for funding and revenue, along with new lines of business credit.

Some of our clients have found financing as soon as a month after their credit records were fixed!


In a nutshell, your credit score equals your financial reliability. At least that's what credit companies, insurance firms, mortgage companies, and lenders believe. Even if you’re financially stable, a credit report in disrepair can still hold you back.

Some lenders and financial institutions have programs that allow them to loan to people with bad credit. But they come at a high price: sky-high interest rates, unreasonable repayment terms, and extremely difficult conditions. The financial impact can affect your entire financial life.

That’s why it’s important to clean up a bad credit report, even if you consider yourself to be well-off. The good news is that it’s never too late to do so.

Knowing all of the factors that go into credit decisions is vital to supporting long, good financial health. Those are the factors the Awesome Life Club knows all about, and we make sure all our clients know them, too.


A good credit score can go a long way in:

Finding a better place to live

Getting a loan for a car, house, or other large expense

Finding a good job

Starting your own business

Paying for daily expenses

A good credit score makes it easy to enjoy financial freedom and peace of mind.


You could try to take care of your credit record by yourself. So why are credit repair services like the Awesome Life Group better options?

We Handle Every Step

Few people have the time or bandwidth to deal with everything involved in cleaning up a credit report.

Professional credit repair companies know every aspect of credit reports from front to back. They're experts at spotting inaccurate or obsolete information. They're excellent negotiators when it's time to deal with credit agencies and individual debtors. They leave nothing to chance and take all the documentation, contact, and effort off your shoulders.

We’re Experts in Credit Law

Even pro-consumer regulations like the Fair Credit Reporting Act can be difficult to navigate. As with anything legal, it's best to have a fully trained professional to take you through all the clauses and subtleties of the documentation.

Credit repair companies are certified professionals who know all the details of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as other legislation that pertains to credit reporting.

We’re Skilled Negotiators

At some point, it’s likely that you’ll have to engage with credit reporting bureaus and past debtors directly. When that time comes, having a credit management professional on your side is critical.

Credit management professionals deal face-to-face with credit agencies to lower or even eliminate old debt. They’ve helped their clients at the bargaining table for favorable interest rates and getting collection actions to stop. They’ll know exactly what credit reporting agencies will throw their way, so they know how to deal with them swiftly and effectively.

We Offer Post-Settlement Advice

Great credit repair services even benefit you after your score’s in good shape. They help you learn how to keep your credit score high, pursue new credit responsibly, and design a game plan that will keep you financially sound in the near and distant future.

We Save You Money and Time

Credit management services charge fees, of course — that’s how they stay in business. But to you, the cost of those fees is far smaller than the financial obligations of a bad credit record. Compared to the amount of debt they can get lowered or even canceled, service fees are far more affordable than you might think.


You likely found The Awesome Life Group by searching for “credit repair near me.” Here are some of the ways that we beat out the competition:

Free Consultation with No Obligation

Fixing your credit score is a big decision, one that takes a lot of courage to make. We want to make that decision easier.

Your first consultation with the Awesome Life Group is free, and we won’t pressure you into a commitment — we’ll be ready when you are.

Individual Credit Repair Attention

Bad credit scores affect people from all walks of life. No single settlement program will work for everyone. The Awesome Life Group crafts a credit repair plan that reflects the needs and goals of each of our clients, one at a time.

Continuing Credit Education

The Awesome Life Group supports your credit journey at all stages. Our educational YouTube channel provides ongoing instruction about how to keep a strong credit record and achieve financial freedom for the rest of your life.

Open and Honest Communication

The Awesome Life Group runs a judgment-free zone. We make it easy for you to be open and honest about your situation without blame or criticism. And we're just as honest with our process and the circumstances of your case. We find that being transparent about our operations takes the mystery out of what you need to do!

Outstanding Customer Service

We believe that credit repair companies should always be responsive and sympathetic to the clients they serve. We’ll always be available to help you at all stages of the settlement process.

Fair Pricing with a Money-Back Guarantee

The Awesome Life Group’s rates are very competitive with the credit management companies in your area. We back our service with a 90-day money back guarantee. Click Here For More Details.


Whether you found The Awesome Life Group through a friend, read our customer reviews, or searched for “credit repair near me,” the important point is that you found us. And we’re thankful you did.

Now it’s time to get to work. When you’re ready to start working on your credit management, we’re ready to show you how we can bring your score back.

Head over to our online scheduler to get your free consultation on the books or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-360-3013.

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